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/org/ftp.debian.org mirror on merkel


As some of you may have noticed, merkel has slowly been growing a mirror
of the /org/ftp.debian.org/* structure that used to be available to all
developers on ftp-master.

Since ftp-master is on a restricted host (newraff) a mirror was needed
and merkel was chosen to host it. The mirror is very new and we expect
one or two teething problems; however the important thing is that there
is now a proper projectb database[1] accessible on a developer-access
machine (thus tools like madison will work again).

The mirror is being updated once per hour initially. We will adjust this
interval up or down depending on how it seems to behave. The projectb is
updated once per day, directly after the install run, to reflect the
day's changes in the archive.

Please note that the /org/ftp.debian.org/ftp/ tree (the actual archive
mirror) is updated with the standard mirror updates and as such may be
slightly out of sync with the projectb for a few minutes after the
install run completes.

If you have any issues with, or questions about, this mirror, please
contact ftp-master@debian.org.


Daniel Silverstone
pp. The Debian archive maintenance team.

[1] The projectb database stores all the metadata about the packages in
the Debian archive. It contains what versions of what packages are in
what suites for what architectures; and much much more.

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