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Please move bugs-related scripts to merkel.debian.org

As many of you will know, master.debian.org has been suffering from
serious disk space problems for some time. We moved the bug tracking
system to the new machine spohr.debian.org a little while ago, but,
since spohr is a restricted machine, master has continued to host a
mirror of the BTS for use by developers for automatic analysis,
research, third-party services, and general poking around. The disk
space problems haven't been getting much better, though.

There is now another mirror of the BTS, on merkel.debian.org. You should
be able to move your scripts to it without too much difficulty; if you
do have problems (i.e. you need something else to be mirrored), please
contact owner@bugs.

Administrative details: the mirror is updated every fifteen minutes,
immediately following each processall run. Note that the bug index files
(index.db and index.archive) and the bug files themselves may be out of
sync with each other for brief periods of time during the mirroring
process. For most applications, this should only matter for new bugs and
when old bugs are being expired into the archive.

I'd like to decommission the BTS mirror on master about this time next
month if at all possible, so swift action on this from affected
developers would be greatly appreciated.


Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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