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Bits from the (soon to be former) DPL

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Hello.  This is my last message as your DPL.  As most of you know, today is
the last day of my term, and Martin Michlmayr takes over as DPL effective
17 April 2003.

Many of you have asked what my plans are once my term as DPL ends, and many
of you have expressed concern about whether I would continue to travel and
speak on behalf of Debian in the future. 

My management at HP assures me that they will continue to support my public
speaking activities.  A calendar of the events where I am committed to speak
publicly is on the web at http://www.gag.com/~bdale/talks/, along with 
presentation materials from prior talks.  There are a number of other events
through next January that are under negotiation, and I will add them to the
calendar as details are confirmed.

The focus of my technical energies within Debian for the next while will be
keeping the ia64 port healthy, and working to see that our next stable 
release meets at least some of the objectives that I articulated in my 
platform and recent public talks.

I remain concerned about the health of SPI, and SPI's relationship to Debian.  
The recent SPI board elections, the investigation into changing SPI's bylaws, 
and recent progress in bringing financial records up to date are all 
encouraging.  But SPI seems less "effective" for Debian than, say, the GNOME 
Foundation is for the GNOME project.  I hope to remain involved with SPI in 
some capacity and will continue to push for changes that will help Debian.

Early this year, I asked everyone whose name is listed on the organization
page of our web site to generate a status report for me about what had gone
poorly or well in the last year, and what they hoped to accomplish this year.
This led to a number of useful email and IRC conversations with some of the
most active and dedicated members of the Debian community, and some good
things happened as a result.  Some of what I learned made it into the public 
presentations that I've made since January.  However, for various reasons, 
I've found it difficult to summarize what I learned in a concise form
to present to all of you.  Last weekend, I provided Martin with a fairly 
complete copy of these email conversations, less some sections which
various individuals indicated should be kept confidential.  Therefore, while
I may have done a poor job of communicating the various accomplishments and
aspirations from those conversations broadly to the project, perhaps our
new DPL will start off with a better picture of what people are doing around 
the Debian community than he would have had otherwise!

Debian is perhaps the finest example in the world today of the community 
development model at work.  It has been a great privilege to serve for the
last year as your elected Project Leader, and your continuing enthusiasm for 
our vision of Debian as a Universal Operating System is very gratifying!  

Thank you for your time, and for all that you contribute to Debian!


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