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Maintainers with excessive old RC bugs

This is a sorted (worst offenders first) list of maintainers who have
excessive numbers of old RC bugs open against their packages. Bugs
less than 30 days old are not considered. The list is sorted based,
vaguely, on a score proportional to the age and severity of each
bug. I am considering one critical bug for over 2 months, or an
equivalent score, to be "excessive" (manually excluding hurd,
debian-boot, and debian-glibc).

If your name is on this list, your packages need work. If you don't
have time to deal with them, find people to help you maintain them
properly, or orphan some of them; the status quo is *not* good
enough. That includes the people who maintain large packages, or large
numbers of packages.

If you don't understand why you are on this list, use the "maintainer
address" query on http://bugs.debian.org/ and look for old RC bugs. If
you still don't understand, mail me and I'll tell you.

It is fairly likely that some of these are bugs which should have been
closed. This does matter, leaving the bugs open makes it harder to
find real problems.

I intend to do this again in a few weeks, if there are still a
significant number of old RC bugs.

[Some of these people are probably MIA. One or two of them had
*better* be MIA; I analysed the first dozen names, and some of them
have no other possible excuse. Kai, that includes you. It's possible,
but unlikely, that some are the result of orphaned packages which are
still listed as maintained by them. Cross-referencing with wnpp proved
too tricky for this pass.]

Kai Henningsen
Christopher L Cheney
Thomas Schoepf
Akira Yamada
Rob Tillotson
Mark W Eichin
Branden Robinson
Daniel Burrows
Martin Schulze
Norbert Veber
Rob Browning
Barak Pearlmutter
Takuo Kitame
Masato Taruishi
Guenter Geiger
Piotr Roszatycki
Richard Kreckel
Takashi Okamoto
Michael Alan Dorman
Vaidhyanathan G Mayilrangam
Matt Taggart
David Coe
Mark Purcell
Olaf Stetzer
Daniel Glassey
Ryuichi Arafune
Yann Dirson
Patrick Patterson
Mika Fischer
Viral Shah
Kyle McMartin
Matthew Wilcox
Paul Hedderly
Josef Spillner
William Lee Irwin III
Martin Mitchell
Greg Olszewski
Santiago Garcia Mantinan
Pavel Tcholakov
Pawel Wiecek
Adrian Bridgett
Zephaniah E Hull
Kihyeon Seo
Sam "Eddie" Couter
Paul Slootman
Marcelo Magallon
Maurizio Boriani
Jens Schmalzing
Siggi Langauf
Dale Scheetz
Shaun Jackman
Dima Barsky
Mark Johnson
Pablo Baena
Federico Di Gregorio
Petr Cech
Mark Howard
Jonas Smedegaard
Stephen Zander
Jan-Hendrik Palic
Peter Gervai
Jefferson E Noxon
Jeremy T Bouse
Nils Rennebarth
Ryszard Lach
Lamont Jones
Joerg Jaspert
Raphael Bossek
Josip Rodin
Ed Boraas
Michael Stone
Stefan Hornburg
Jules Bean
Scott M Dier
James R Van Zandt
Mikael Andersson
Klaus Knopper

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