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Bits from the DPL

This is my first message as DPL.  My term has officially started today
and I look forward to acting as your DPL for the next 12 months.  The
leader@debian.org alias now points to my address and I encourage you
to contact me there with your ideas or concerns.  As I have stated in
my platform, I think that communication is very important.  I will try
to keep you up to date with what's going on in the community so expect
more messages from me in the future.  I will also encourage other
people to make announcements or give status reports when appropriate.

I'd like to thank Manoj for handling the elections so well.  I'm glad
to announce at this point that Manoj has agreed to act as secretary for
another term.  He is currently working on his voting scripts to make
the upcoming GRs possible.  Of course, I also want to thank Bdale for
a great year!  I think he did an excellent job, and I intend to work
together with him closely.  I'm also grateful to HP for supporting his
public speaking activities.  As mentioned previously, I intend to
coordinate with Bdale (and other people) when I cannot accept a
speaking invitation.  Having said that, I certainly intend to represent
Debian and speak at technical conferences.  I have recently been
accepted as a speaker for LinuxTag in Karlsruhe, Germany.  In addition
to my talk on Debian, Andreas Tille will talk about Debian-Med and
Michael Meskes about Free Software and Debian in business environments.
We will also have a small room where we can talk about specialized
Debian topics.  After LinuxTag, I will go directly to DebCamp and Debian
Conference in Oslo, Norway.  At the beginning of August, I will probably
give a talk at UKUUG's Linux 2003 conference in Edinburgh, UK.

Bdale mentioned that he has forwarded me status reports from various
people.  The reports have certainly helped me to get a clearer picture.
I have talked to some of these people already and will try to talk to
more in order to identify issues and find possible solutions.  You will
hear about that shortly.

In the meantime, we should think about our next release.  At the moment,
there is a very large number of open RC bugs and debian-installer (d-i)
still needs a good amount of work.  Tollef will post a status report about
debian-installer soon, but those interested in seeing a release should
subscribe to the debian-boot mailing list and get involved in d-i now.
A good starting point is http://raw.no/d-i/getting_started.html

With regards to the RC bug situation, a very useful script has been
posted to debian-devel recently.  rc-alert shows you all RC bugs in
packages installed on your computer.  Similarly, wnpp-alert shows you
which of your installed packages are orphaned or up for adoption.  These
scripts will appear in the devscripts package soon.  For now, I encourage
you to download them from
and to put them in a daily cron job.  Thanks to Anthony DeRobertis and
Arthur Korn for these scripts.

The next release will only happen with your help.  So get involved in d-i
and help fix those RC bugs!


Martin Michlmayr

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