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Starting second test cycle

The second test cycle starts now.  This means that no uploads are installed
in frozen until after it ends, and people can start building boot-floppies
when the autocompilers have digested today's uploads.

I've removed kernel 2.2.14.  I left 2.2.13 because the ARM port still
uses it.  I've removed roxen because of its bugs, and I would have
removed emacs20-dl except that would break task-japanese.  I hope
to arrange that tomorrow, because I do not think it can be fixed in time.

(Read "and related packages" for each of these removals).

I've installed the upgrade-{alpha,i386,m68k,sparc} directories provided
by Anne Bezemer, probably too late to be picked up by today's mirror run.

As for the remaining "release-critical" bugs, I hope that we can simply
ignore most of them.  At this point I don't mind releasing potato with
a handful of broken packages, if they are not overly popular ones.
The test period will show which of the bugs are truly critical.

Richard Braakman

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