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New Debian Maintainers

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[ Please do not reply to debian-devel-announce ]

I've no idea if this mail is appropriate for this list.  Every time
I've bought the issue up on IRC, I've had at least 3 suggestions for
which list I should send it to.  If you think debian-devel-announce is
not the appropriate list, please raise the issue on debian-something
and hash it out, I'll post all future announcements to whatever the
consensus is.

This is the first posting; future postings will be on a weekly basis.
This post covers roughly a two month period.  These two months
represent the restart of the new new-maintainer from a DAM
perspective.  There were a lot of issues to sort out both technically
and administratively as a lot had changed since the last time old
new-maintainer was active (i.e. LDAP hell^H^Haven).

Brendan O'Dea

  Brendan maintains help2man (an automatic manpage generator),
  libio-pty-perl and vile (VI Like Emacs).

Steve Gore

  Steve maintains sclient (a GTK-based MUD client) and helps out on
  the sparc port.

Ashley Clark

  Ashley maintains bottlerocket (utility to control X10 firecracker
  devices), {c,java,perl}2html (highlights C/Java/perl sources for the
  WWW), locale-vi (locale files for Vietnamese) and wwwcount (web
  page access counter).

Ryan Murray

  Ryan maintains gdm (GNOME display manager) and gqview (GTK image

David Coe

  David maintains gpart (tool to find lost partitions), ispell,
  smtp-refuser (simple spam-block) and task-python*.

Florian Lohoff

  Florian is working on the MIPS port(s).

Mike Markley

  Mike maintains aide (free tripwire replacement) and gnome-pilot
  (GNOME <-> Palm PDA tools & libs).

Othmar Pasteka

  Othmar maintains trueprint (source code pretty printer) and dcd (a
  command line CD player).

John O'Sullivan

  John intends to package the empire server (realtime multi-player
  internet based game).  He also intends to adopt empire-ptkei and

Frank Belew

  Frank maintains libgd-perl and intends to take over libgd.

Finally, I wouldn't be making this post if it weren't for the work of
others. I'd like to thank the Dale Scheetz and his new new-maintainer
team for their efforts in resurrecting new-maintainer.  Dale, in
particular, has put in an incredible amount of effort to get things up
and running again.  Thanks also to Craig Small for producing the funky
Odometer (http://nm.debian.org) and Jason for creat^H^H^H^H^Hfixing
the myriad LDAP issues.

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