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Re: new release process (package pool) being proposed

Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Lalo Martins wrote:
> > I'm formally proposing the release process that we have been
> > discussing for over a year, known as ``package pool'', for
> > discussion and voting. The discussion will take place on
> > debian-project. Anyone interested should follow this.
> I object. If this is going to happen it should be proposed by the
> ftpmaster-team. Unless they are willing to implement and support it any
> proposal is useless. I suggest you talk to them first and see if you
> can work on a joint proposal.

Apparently I wasn't clear enough.

The ftpmasters do their work for the project.  They exist
on behalf of the project.  The project does not exist as result
of the ftpmasters, it's vice versa.

Thus if the project (or the project leader) wants things to be
done with the archive, the ftpmasters have to get it implemented
(with or without help from others) or they will have to be replaced.

Therefore the *project* needs to decide if it wants to change the
current situation and what should be done instead.  The ftpmasters
are excetutives who cannot decide on general project issues.  Only
the project itself (by a vote) or the project leader (by his fiat)
can do that.

Thus, it's absolutely useless what the ftpmasters think of that
idea except for their personal oppintion as member of the Debian

Well, that's my opinion, you may disagree.



PS: I have a high level of esteem for the ftpmasters, it's
nothing against them.

Never trust an operating system you don't have source for!

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