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Moving to the FHS: not right now!

As everyone has probably noticed by now the new policy states that
packages should follow the FHS instead of the FSSTD. This means some
big changes have to be made, such as moving /usr/doc to /usr/share/doc.

How this move has to be made has not been decided yet. Simply moving
will break things, as can be seen by the dhelp package that suddenly
refused to handle 99% of the documentation since it no longer supported
/usr/doc. A strategy will have to be made for moving to the FHS without
breaking anything.

Possible strategies have been discussed on debian-policy for a while now,
but due to conflicting opinions no consensus has been reached. In the
meantime however some packages have begun to follow the FHS and thereby
causing some problems.

Luckily the constitution provides us with a way to solve this: the
Technical Committee can be asked to decide on a strategy which people
will have to follow. I hereby ask them to study this and come up with a
strategy for moving to the FHS.

Until that decision has been made I request all developers to NOT move
to the FHS right now.


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