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FWD: /usr/doc vs. /usr/share/doc - the decision

Hello. Some may consider this email an abuse of this mailing list. To those,
I apologize in advance.

The purpose of this email is to make sure everyone knows that the
debian-policy list is currently in deep discussion (and argument) over how
to handle the transition to /usr/share/doc. If this discussion comes to
anything, those package that have already been modified to use
/usr/share/doc may well need to be changed. Even worse, they may stand in
the way of proposed solutions to the problem.

Thus, I would like to encourage everyone to wait until this issue is
resolved or until we agree there is no good resolution, before implementing
the current policy of making packages use /usr/share/doc.

(And just a personal note: please stop pestering me about making debhelper
use /usr/share/doc. It will just as soon as I deem it wise to do so -- ie,
as soon as the policy list comes to a conclusion on this issue.)

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Subject: /usr/doc vs. /usr/share/doc - the decision
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Everybody in this argument about what/who/etc to handle the transition (if
any) between /usr/doc to /usr/share/doc...

To date, there are 118 packages on master who are using, in some form,

As time goes on, more packages will "just change".  Many of the developers
don't read -policy and nobody has issued a decision to "order" maintainers
to NOT make the move pending a -policy decree.  

Now that Lintian issues a warning about using FSSTND directories, we can
expect more people to move the doc files. 

While everybody involved in this discussions sits and goes in circles, the
rest of the project is going to pass -policy by and just impliment policy
as it states in the policy manual and by the time the people who get to
decide actually decide, it'll be harder to implement due to the number of
packages that DID move...

In the end, the people in the /usr/doc vs. /usr/share/doc discussions need
to start compromising and coming together and coming to a solution before
the whole discussion is rendered meaningless by non-policy-reading
maintainers takeing matters into their own hands...

Please cc all mailing list replies to me, also.
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