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Re: Upcoming Debian 2.0 Release

On Thu, Jul 16, 1998 at 10:57:44AM -0400, Brian White wrote:
> Remember, the definition of "important" is that the distribution is better
> off without that package than with this problem.  In these cases, though,
> the packages are essential for the distribution.
> libc6-pre2.1-doc  24354  libc6-pre2.1-doc: unfulfillable dependencies on non-glibc-pre2.1 architectures [7]  (Juan Cespedes <cespedes@debian.org>)

	I'm having some problems building a pre2.1 glibc... I think I
won't have it available until next week.  Anyway, `libc6-pre2.1-doc'
is not so important; please remove it from hamm (but only that binary
package, not the sources or the other binaries).  Thanks.

Juan Cespedes

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