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Re: Hello Debian users

On Tue, 2020-12-15 at 17:33 +0100, ervindine@mailo.com wrote:

> No the installer is not the issue. Just typing in Georgian using a
> normal qwerty keyboard. I do not want to use Ubuntu because Debian is
> so much better for me. Also I am not complaining because the software
> is old. I don't mind old, and I certainly prefer old and stable, that
> is why I use Debian. Just how to fix this important missing feature.
> I guess I will wait for Debian 11. 

Another option besides waiting would be to backport ibus-m17n 1.4.3-1
from bullseye to buster. You can first create a simple private backport
to test if that works, and then either request a backport from the
Input Methods team or from the debian-backports mailing list, or create
a backport yourself and then get it sponsored into Debian by a Debian
uploading member:




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