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Re: Hello Debian users

Hello Paul,
No the installer is not the issue. Just typing in Georgian using a normal qwerty keyboard. I do not want to use Ubuntu because Debian is so much better for me. Also I am not complaining because the software is old. I don't mind old, and I certainly prefer old and stable, that is why I use Debian. Just how to fix this important missing feature. I guess I will wait for Debian 11.

From: Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org>
To: Ervin Dine <ervindine@mailo.com>
Subject: Re: Hello Debian users
Date: 15/12/2020 03:02:29 Europe/Tirane
Cc: debian-desktop@lists.debian.org

On Mon, Dec 14, 2020 at 8:25 PM Ervin Dine wrote:

> I have discovered that there is no Georgian input method available for
> Ibus in Debian. I think there is one available for Fcitx but it is based
> on the Azerty French keyboard. In Ubuntu this input method, it is found
> in Ibus-m17n, is available. That is because Ubuntu uses ibus-m17n 1.4.3
> and Debian 1.4.1. Is it possible to update this before Debian 11 is
> released? Maybe in point releases. This does leave an entire country's
> language out. And Georgian keyboards are not really practical in this
> case scenario.

Debian 11 bullseye has ibus-m17n 1.4.3:


Ubuntu has ibus-m17n 1.4.3 because ibus-m17n 1.4.3 was imported into
Debian by the Debian Input Method team and then Ubuntu automatically
synced it to their archive.


PS: if you would like to add support for Georgian to the Debian
installer, website, wiki etc, please review the information at the
bottom of this page:


It appears there is some support for Georgian in the Debian installer,
but there is none in the website/wiki/etc and there is no mailing list
for Georgian translators. You can discuss this on the debian-i18n
mailing list.




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