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Re: Pushing 9.0.0 to unstable

Hi Holger,

thanks for your interest in this.

Le 02/01/2017 à 12:58, Holger Levsen a écrit :
>> So if someone feels like pushing it to unstable, that will be most welcome.
> I think I'll be going to to that, however I have noticed these:
> - outdated standards version (3.9.6 vs 3.9.8)
Already fixed in the 9.0.0~exp* packages, I’ve checked that there were
no actual changes needed.
But I’m surprised you raise this because it’s been fixed in svn /
experimental for some time.
Are you getting the warning from an actual lintian run or from
tracker/qa.d.o ? These don’t care about experimental for what I can see.
> - W: desktop-base: spelling-error-in-readme-debian just just (duplicate word) just
> - W: desktop-base: spelling-error-in-readme-debian recommanded recommended
Had overlooked that, fixed now.
> - W: desktop-base source: changelog-should-mention-nmu
> which I think should all be fixed, the latter by adding yourself to
> uploaders.
OK, I’ve done that.

> After looking at the diff (*) between 9.0.0~exp2 and 9.0.0 as in svn I've
> decided I'm not going to sponsor this without a signed 9.0.0.dsc file
> (or a signed git tag, but this is still in svn…)
> Aurélien, can you please profide one or the other?

Is this suitable ?


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