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Re: Pushing 9.0.0 to unstable

Hi Aurélien,

On Tue, Dec 27, 2016 at 11:13:53PM +0100, Aurélien COUDERC wrote:
> I just committed a usable version of the Plymouth theme for soft Waves into SVN.

very nice!

> Some reasonable amount testing was done including LUKS passphrase handling so it should be suitable for general use.
> More visual improvements and tweaks will probably follow in the future, but I’d say most of the work is done.


> I’d also like to handle plymouth theme selection via alternatives if time before the freeze permits. It will be the last missing piece to be able to switch all theme elements globally (grub, login, wallpaper, lockscreen…) with the new desktop-theme alternative I’ve put in place for Stretch. Near-Yay ! :-)
> So if someone feels like pushing it to unstable, that will be most welcome.

I think I'll be going to to that, however I have noticed these:

- outdated standards version (3.9.6 vs 3.9.8)
- W: desktop-base: spelling-error-in-readme-debian just just (duplicate word) just
- W: desktop-base: spelling-error-in-readme-debian recommanded recommended
- W: desktop-base source: changelog-should-mention-nmu

which I think should all be fixed, the latter by adding yourself to

> And as usual, comments are also welcome !

I'll probably still sponsor this now (with the above issues) and will
then be happy to sponsor another upload fixing those…


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