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Re: Artwork for jessie?

Hi team,

with good help from Juliette, I’ve set-up a plymouth theme and a KDM
theme based on the Lines artwork.
You can find the work attached to the wiki page [1], including some KDM
All feedback welcome.
In particular for plymouth with regards to messages, fsck status,

For the scripted / XML parts it’s all based on Joy and former work and
can be published under the same license(s).
The KDM icons are from Joy also.
The main artwork is already stated as CC-BY 3.0 by Juliette on the wiki.

Next stops :
- KDE splash for plasma loading : easy, will do
- GDM <-- had a quick look but found little doc on theming besides basic
wallpaper replacement, any hint / documentation welcome
- Grub <-- no idea how that work, pointers welcome too

By the way has any formal choice been made concerning the default
artwork for Jessie ?

I’m also fond of DotsAndSwing and Fresh, so I may dedicate a bit of time
to do some equivalent work on one of these if the artists are interested
and as time permits.



Le 01/09/2014 13:49, juliette.belin@free.fr a écrit :
> Hi,
> Thank you Aurelien for all this detailed informations ! It is very useful and you have good ideas ! :D
> I'll work on the plymouth theme once the others wallpapers formats (2560x1080, 1280x1024, 1600x1200) are finished and after the other modifications (adding "debian" on the login and boot screen).
> Regards,
> Juliette
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> Objet: Re: Artwork for jessie?
> Le 30/08/2014 22:13, Vincent Blut a écrit :
>> Le jeu. 28 août 2014 à 11:29, juliette.belin@free.fr a écrit :
>>>  and the Plymouth theme (I was thinking about a line representing the
>>> process but I dont know how to do that... maybe a script ?).
>> I don’t know Plymouth well enough but I guess you would have to
>> decompose your progress bar by creating a picture for each progression
>> step
>> (pixel by pixel‽). Then, I think you would have to incrementaly load your
>> progress bar pictures (using a "for" loop) in your "lines.script" files.
>> But let’s wait someone with deeper knowledge about Plymouth.
> Hi,
> I did the scripting of the spacefun theme for squeeze, so I may be of
> some help.
> - The easy way for plymouth is indeed the « script » module that lets
> you animate the bootup screen with a relatively easy (but limited)
> javascript-like scripting language [1]. You may render text, images and
> that’s it.
> - It’s better to handle the theme elements separately and compose them
> on the screen with a plymouth script. If you can layer the SVG to
> separate the background, the logo, the curves it would be useful. We can
> then scale/crop the background to fill the screen but keep the other
> elements in the correct position whatever the screen ratio.
> - There is no real way to know the progress of the boot process as it
> depends on many things, so a progress bar in the traditional sense is
> not recommended. Better try with a loopable animation. I think pulsing
> some of the curves lines in your theme with a whiter dot/section like
> electrons orbiting around the debian logo would give a cool effect. If
> you can produce the animation steps I can do the scripting or help you
> with it.
> In the meantime a simpler loopable progress bar can do.
> - I’d like to see the « debian 8 » text for the boot, like you have in
> the installer banner. Maybe in a corner or some better idea. We can
> handle it as a separate element in the theme to ensure it’s always in
> correct place and wholy visible.
> It won’t go in the user’s way at that time, and it’s not as if the
> universal operating system was so well known that it could afford
> missing that little publicity. :-)
> - It would be great to also have « debian 8 » displayed on the login
> screen for the same reasons. It needs a bit of tweaking to the GDM /
> KDM… theme to  ensure that it is always correctly placed and visible for
> reasonable screen ratios. Again if you can think of somewhere reasonable
> to put it in your team, I’ll give at least KDM a try.
> [1] http://freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/Plymouth/Scripts/
>>> Regards
>>> Juliette
>> Wish you a good week-end,
>> Vincent
> Kindly,
> --Aurélien

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