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Re: Xfce default artwork

On Mon, Sep 3, 2012 at 9:14 PM, Simon Steinbeiß wrote:

> Oh, thanks for the clarification. That was really widely
> misconceived/mis-reported by the media.

Yeah, it is a bit sad that they didn't perform proper fact checking.

> Also, thanks for the links to the different threads/posts. As you can
> see from my direct (and sadly uninformed) approach of directly posting
> to this list, we don't have any experience with Debian yet. I was aware
> you had just picked a theme for Wheezy, which was why I thought asking
> early enough for the next release might have its merits.


> Of course I'm a little sad that Xfce isn't the default desktop after
> all, but we'll see whether we can still submit something for Wheezy+1.

I would encourage you to start on that now, since there are a lot of
users of Debian unstable, if you are quick, your themes could reach
Debian users even before wheezy is released :)

BTW, in case you or others want to get involved with the Debian Xfce
team, there is some information here:


It would be great to see more collaboration between Xubuntu and Debian
Xfce folks.



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