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Xfce default artwork

Hey Debian Desktop Team!

As I recently noticed – or better: couldn't overlook in the media-feedback on it – you decided to switch to Xfce as default desktop. Being a long-time user and recent contributor to an application of Xfce (Parole), I'm very excited about this move!

I'm also part of the Shimmer Project [1], which tries to contribute to making Open Source more beautiful in various ways, but mostly by providing artwork and UI design. We've been a stable contributor to Xubuntu, supplying and maintaining the default Gtk, Xfwm4 and icon themes for two years now. While our team is largely intertwined with that of Xubuntu, we're still eager to provide our artwork and services to other distributions and projects alike. So far part of our themes were packaged in Debian as part of the package murrine-themes.

Enough of the introduction, let's cut to the chase. Since you decided to go for Xfce as default desktop, the question arises what kind of artwork you would like to set as default.
I'm not 100% sure about how these processes work in Debian, but if you are interested in our contributions in this field, we'd be thrilled to cooperate! So far we have a set of four themes, which support a wide range of possible platforms, but our main target has been Xfce so far. With respect to Gtk3 it probably deserves notice that we try to use the default Gtk3 engine with all our themes (one still has to be ported), not to create another dependency and avoid possible additional bugs through engines.

From what I've seen so far you've held community contests to select the default theme (but I might be mal-informed there). While it is great to get submissions by a wider community, the kind of cooperation we had in mind was to actively maintain a branch of our themes specifically targeting a debian release and obviously also bugfixing it.

If this sounds interesting to you in any way, don't hesitate to reply :)
If this kind of message should go to a different list, please let me know!

All the best,

[1] http://www.shimmerproject.org

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