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Opinion poll: artwork for Wheezy?

Vote: debiamsk Joy


I wondered if we could try an unofficial, non-binding test poll to see
if there'd really be any disagreement on the choice Paul had to make.

Like many others I'm surprised at not hearing of a big public vote,
publicised on -announce lists, DPN, Planet Debian etc., but I realise
why someone had to step in and make a fast decision or else we'd likely
still have SpaceFun in some places (if not everywhere).

If there is a particularly strong case to change the theme, and if
someone would be willing to do new uploads, the Release Team might still
accept changes to artwork even after the freeze has begun.

The results could also be considered if someone were to try to provide
any alternate themes (presumably from unofficial repositories), or by
Debian sub-projects based on Wheezy.

So if anyone would like to say what their vote would have been, they
could do so by replying on this thread with a 'Vote:' pseudo-header at
the start of the message body.  Name your first (ideal) choice of theme,
optionally followed by any number of others in decreasing order of
preference.  Separate each choice with a space (strictly speaking, you
are also permitted to tie together multiple choices with equal
preference with an = sign).

e.g.  Vote: FirstChoice SecondChoice ThirdChoice [...]

Please try to use the exact name from the Debian Art Wiki URL (which
should not contain spaces).  Anyone wishing to keep SpaceFun may still
vote for it;  other candidates are at:


As this is not a real poll there is also no deadline :)  We can attempt
to interpret results using the same Condorcet/Schulze method use for
Debian elections and policy decisions.

Assume that if your first choice proved unusable due to licensing or
technical issues, it would be disqualified and the next runner-up chosen
instead (hence why multiple choices are allowed).

If the winning theme page shows multiple proposals, assume that there
would be time for some follow-up discussion/vote to choose/tweak them
later.   Not ideal, but maybe next time the contest could have clearer
rules for submissions, a voting system and workable timetable all
planned out ;)


Steven Chamberlain

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