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Re: New Desktop Theme Proposal: penguinSpirit

Hi Ulrich.

On Mon, 2012-06-11 at 00:03 +0200, Ulrich Hansen wrote:
> But the Toy Story penguin Wheezy is a Disney cartoon character. The whole concept of Free Software is based on the respect of copyright. So I am afraid you cannot put a penguin into your artwork that perfectly looks like the Disney one. 
> ...
> I wish I could be more constructive. Sorry again.

Thank you for your feedback. You can't change the facts. I won't hold
that against you.

Finally it seems to be better to not go for the penguin even if it was
suggested on this list a few months ago.

I'll see if I can do an other proposal without this issues, but the
traditional colour scheme instead of penguinSpirit.

I'll try to correct the table syntax when I have a timeslot left again.


> > p.s.:
> > I'm having difficulties with the moin moin syntax. Even if I copied the
> > code from a working example and tried hard and patiently to get it right
> > I'm unable to display the four wallpapers beside each other on the same
> > line. Am I to stupid for this?
> It should work like this:
> ||{{attachment:Picture1.png||height=100}}||{{attachment:Picture2.png||height=100}}||
> Doesn't it?
> regards
> Ulrich

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