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Re: New Desktop Theme Proposal: penguinSpirit

Hi Franz,

> I did an other Desktop proposal for wheezy. This time I kept the
> traditional Debian colour scheme and made it very clear to what
> character the name is referring to.
> Debian in the spirit of wheezy, the Toy Story penguin...
> http://wiki.debian.org/DebianArt/Themes/penguinSpirit
> I would appreciate constructive feedback.

Sorry Franz, I see you put a lot of effort in this artwork and the result is good looking. I like the clean color transition.

But the Toy Story penguin Wheezy is a Disney cartoon character. The whole concept of Free Software is based on the respect of copyright. So I am afraid you cannot put a penguin into your artwork that perfectly looks like the Disney one. 

There might be a slim chance your idea could work, if you draw your own penguin and give him a bow tie. It shouldn't look in any way like the Disney penguin. But I think it would be best to just drop the idea.

There's another proposal which has a similar problem: "Infographic" by Narcissus. On one hand it is clearly art. It is an interpretation of the Disney characters and not a copy. On the other hand the author obviously calculates that people recognize the Toy Story characters. 

The official Debian wallpaper is not an artwork that stands for itself. If it was, one could _perhaps_ argue that art should be free to quote other artworks, to interpret other works. But the official Debian wallpaper is an artwork for a product, it is marketing material, it is supposed to help sell Debian (which is in fact being sold, together with books, together with services, even standalone -  and the GPL encourages everyone to use the works for commercial purposes). I doubt that the creative people who invented Toy Story want their work used to sell another product and they don't get paid for it. 

I wish I could be more constructive. Sorry again.

> p.s.:
> I'm having difficulties with the moin moin syntax. Even if I copied the
> code from a working example and tried hard and patiently to get it right
> I'm unable to display the four wallpapers beside each other on the same
> line. Am I to stupid for this?

It should work like this:


Doesn't it?


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