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Re: Small update to Journey V2 wallpaper

Bonsoir Adrien,

> About the Journey theme V2, I must say I really like the new wallpaper. As you 
> said, the first one was too dark for me (but I know that some people like 
> wallpapers that way).

Thank you for your review and your thoughts!

It's always hard for me to tell if a picture is too dark. On my 23inch Samsung LCD, the old V2 wallpaper is bright and looks good. But on my laptop at work it's a bit too dark. That's why I made a new version and why I am asking for feedback. (And: No, I am not one of the designers who like to have everything in black).

> What I still don't like with the whole theme is the gray wallpaper for 
> plymouth/gdm/grub... It is not so bad, but it's too different from the main 
> wallpaper.

Imagine a modern car. On the outside its silver-metallic, the seats are made of leather and the dashboard of root wood. Chrome and leather are totally different materials. But the car still looks and feels nice. So difference is not the problem. The question is: Are the login-background and the wallpaper just different? Or are they not compatible.

I wanted them to be different, but of course they should be compatible: Both consist of hexagons, both play with the light - if you look closely, you see that the "light grey" consists of various colors including blue and orange. 

> It is very odd to be with a light grey wallpaper turning into something 
> totally different. To me, the mood of the wallpapers are not compatible.

So if that's your opinion, what do you think of this texture, I made a few months ago?


It's a sort of dark linen/canvas, which was clearly inspired by iOS. Originally it's a photograph from the linen cover of a book that I own, E.T.A. Hoffmanns Fairy Tales. (Canvas materials are not copyrighted yet). 

In the end I preferred the light alternative that you are criticizing now, but maybe I was wrong.
At least I installed the above background at work at my video editing computer and I still like it. It looks kind of valuable and technical; reminds me of the cases of professional photo-equipment or something like that.

Would this be more compatible in your opinion?

> Grub background is very good. But a small detail though : maybe the spaces 
> around the logo should be the same (there is less space under than space on 
> the right).

Hmm. My grub2 theme.txt file says:

	icon_height = 38
	icon_width = 38
	item_height = 40
	item_padding = 0
	item_icon_space = 3
	item_spacing = 1

which means the (horizontal) space between icon and text is 3 pixels (item_icon_space), and the vertical space between icon and icon is 40 (item_height) - 38 (icon_height) + 1 ((item_spacing) = 3 pixels. So it's already the same. 

Maybe you mean the spaces in the blue selected area? The selection is always the item only, so that's only 1 pixel space at the top and 1 at the bottom of the icon; so this is really different to the 3 pixels space to the text. 

If I change that, so spaces in the selected area are 3:3, I will get different spaces between the unselected items (6:3). See:


and, for comparison, see the old one:


What would you prefer?

I would like to answer the rest of your email in a new thread, as it's not about the journey theme any more. I hope this is OK.


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