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Re: Small update to Journey V2 wallpaper


About the Journey theme V2, I must say I really like the new wallpaper. As you 
said, the first one was too dark for me (but I know that some people like 
wallpapers that way).

What I still don't like with the whole theme is the gray wallpaper for 
plymouth/gdm/grub... It is not so bad, but it's too different from the main 

It is very odd to be with a light grey wallpaper turning into something 
totally different. To me, the mood of the wallpapers are not compatible.

Something like the main wallpaper without the light and logo bubble (which 
will appear progressively after logon, which is cool) could do the job.

Grub background is very good. But a small detail though : maybe the spaces 
around the logo should be the same (there is less space under than space on 
the right).

About the MagicWithin Theme, the logo must remain untouched. Really, I can't 
stand seeing it distorted like this (the debian logo is one of the best logo 
I've seen so far, so I like to se it used "as natural". The more-or-less pink 
of the Debian text doesn't match the red of the wallpaper. I know that it come 
from the pink of the debian logo, but still. Actually, I thing that pink and 
red are not meant to be matched.

The grey/red is a good idea though (grey is (sadly) rarely used but could be 
beautiful with another strong color next to it). The pattern/gradient of the 
red is perfect to me.

The debian-desktop list is the place to get feedbacks, as soon as these 
feedbacks try to be constructive (I tried to make mine constructive) in order 
to improve all proposed themes. Well, I guess it as been opened for 
discussions like these.

The more themes we get, the better Wheezy will look like. The lack of Squeeze 
themes proposals lead to a theme which doesn't seem to be unanimous.


Le jeudi 7 juin 2012 00:24:34 Ulrich Hansen a écrit :
> Whoever is interested, I just updated the wallpaper for the Journey V2
> theme. It is a bit more bright (as suggested by someone here) and more
> smooth than the old one.
> http://lazybrowndog.net/debian/wheezy/journey/_wallpaper/journey-wallpaper.j
> pg and the previous one, for comparison:
> http://lazybrowndog.net/debian/wheezy/journey/_wallpaper/journey-wallpaper-o
> ld.jpg
> I know most of the people reading this list at the moment are other artists
> and everyone likes his own ideas best (which is OK), so this may not be the
> best place to ask for feedback. Anyway it'd be great if anyone had the time
> to install the above image as desktop wallpaper and give his opinion. Does
> it look technically OK (not too dark, not too grey)?
> BTW there is a new proposal in the wiki:
> http://wiki.debian.org/DebianArt/Themes/MagicWithin
> Obviously the author did put a lot of work into it, so thanks!
> Great that people have already a lot of proposals to choose from, much more
> than the last time.
> regards
> Ulrich

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