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Re: nice-ice wallpaper

> From: Josselin Mouette
> I'm afraid we don't have a way to select the wallpaper file based on the
> resolution. As explained in the requirements page, you need to provide a
> picture that still looks nice when cropped.

I've just cropped it by hand, cutting off the left side of image. 
But if the default-way is to cut off the right side, I can move the ice cube
next to the center.
Maybe this will solve the problem? 
Thank you for the support.

> I also find it way too light - I don’t think it is going to look
> with Adwaita (but that’s also a matter of personal taste).

I'm embarrassed because I don't know Adwaita yet... (I use LXDE) 
I've found a screenshot[1] where the window border is white, so it might be
better to use a dark wallpaper.
I'll try to change the background color in dark gray or dark blue. 
(I hope it is also fine for the KDE theme).





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