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usage of "debian" name and logo for the theme submissions

On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 12:15:13PM +0100, Franz Gratzer wrote:
> If I get it right because of licensing issues with derivations we
> shouldn't use the logo with the usual "debian" on it. So we practically
> left with two options:
> 1) do not use the well known original type-design for writing "debian"
> or
> 2) do not use the name "debian" on our proposal-layouts at all.
> Am I right with this assumption?

/me wears the DPL hat to answer this.

Let's make the distinction between the status quo and what we hope to
have really soon now.


There is no problem in using the "DEBIAN" *name* in the forthcoming
Wheezy artworks. Using it there will be a perfectly legitimate use of
the name, both according to the current trademark policy and to the
tentative one we're working on (see below).

There is however a problem in using the well known type-design for
writing "debian" (i.e. the lower part of the "with debian" logo that can
be seen at [1]). It is a copyright problem, because the license of that
logo (available at [1] as well) is not DFSG-free. This is a problem and
the reason why the Debian Squeeze theme used a different type-design for
the "debian" word.

[1] http://www.debian.org/logos/

Really soon now

We're discussing various trademark-related issues for the Debian
archive. As part of it, I'm confident we'll be able to relicense the
"with debian" logo under a DFSG-free license.

That would allow people to use the "with debian" logo type-design for
Wheezy themes. I'm optimist by nature and I'm confident we can have that
done before the Wheezy release. It is not there yet, though. My
suggestion is to rely on the fat that it will happen, but it is still,
at present, a risky choice.

Hope this explains,
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