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Re: Newbie

Hi Stefano,

thank you for the welcome and your informative reply.

If I get it right because of licensing issues with derivations we
shouldn't use the logo with the usual "debian" on it. So we practically
left with two options:

1) do not use the well known original type-design for writing "debian"


2) do not use the name "debian" on our proposal-layouts at all.

Am I right with this assumption?

I couldn't find a deadline for submissions. Does this mean, that there
isn't a clear deadline yet (if there will be one)?

It's interesting that on the debian.net board nobody seems to know that
Gnome 3 is the expected default desktop. But maybe I just found a very
old thread...


On Thu, 2012-02-23 at 09:49 +0100, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> Hi Franz, and welcome!
> On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 11:43:22PM +0100, Franz Gratzer wrote:
> > I'm a fellow of the Free Software Foundation Europe and in the quite
> > active fellowship group in Vienna/Austria/Europe.
> > 
> > Nearly all of you seem to agree on using icy blue colors for the new
> > look.  Do you have a special reason for that or do you just happen to
> > have the same taste regarding colors? I.e. is this a mere coincidence?
> It's just one of the leads people are following, starting from Holger
> suggestion. Feel free to work on that or to propose something radically
> different! That's the whole point of the call for artwork after all :-)
> > I was surprised that last time (for Squeeze) there wheren't a lot of
> > submissions. (At least if the entries on: [1] are complete.) I was
> > expecting that very many people from all over the world would try very
> > hard to add something to the look and feel of something as great as
> > Debain.
> You're right. That's why we're trying to work more on communication
> around our need to have great graphic artists help us out with theme-ing
> Wheezy, so spread the word!
> > I'm not up to date regarding the technical details for Wheezy. Does
> > Debian stick to Gnome 2 for the next main release or isn't there any
> > decision yet?
> GNOME 3 is Debian testing since quite a while. That is the default
> desktop that we are targeting for Wheezy. Nothing will be carved in
> stone at least until the freeze next June, but that GNOME 3 will be
> default Wheezy desktop looks, at present, as a safe bet. Not however
> that the theme will be used for more than just GNOME, as documented in
> the requirement wiki page.
> Thanks for your interest,
> looking forward to your submission!

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