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Bug#606383: [desktop-base] Provide more color combinations,


This is more important than whether moreblue is deprecated or not. Its
about whether desktop-base allows theme overrides or not.

/usr/share/desktop-base/grub_background.sh provides the background image
together with the font colors. And while the background image is
configurable with "update-alternatives --config desktop-grub", the
colors are hard-coded and only suitable for dark background pictures.

So the question is: Should the background for grub be configurable via
desktop-base and update-alternatives, then the colors should be
configurable too. Otherwise, the configuration should be up to
/etc/default/grub, and /usr/share/images/desktop-base/desktop-grub.png
should be as fixed as the font colors are.

Possible solutions:
- Split off the color definition from
/usr/share/desktop-base/grub_background.sh into
- link /usr/share/desktop-base/grub_background-color.sh via alternatives
to grub_background-color-spacefun.sh or grub_background-color-moreblue.sh

or, alternatively:
- Drop /etc/alternatives/desktop-grub completely, and let
/usr/share/desktop-base/grub_background.sh be a link via alternatives to
/usr/share/desktop-base/grub_background-spacefun.sh or -moreblue.sh.
That way, background and colors will be configured as one.



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