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Bug#607842: Question about copyright/license of the KDE Official Oxygen Logo

Hello KDE e.V. board of directors,
I am a user and contributor of the Debian distribution.

I have a question about the KDE Official Oxygen Logo.

The "desktop-base" Debian package includes an image which is derived
from the KDE Official Oxygen Logo.
I am currently trying to properly document the copyright and license of
the KDE Official Oxygen Logo, but I wasn't able to find enough official

According to
the KDE Official Oxygen Logo is released under the LGPL copyright
license.  However, no LGPL version is specified: does it mean that any
version (published by the FSF) may be chosen?

According to
the KDE Official Oxygen Logo is released under the LGPL v2.1 or later.
Is this correct?

Moreover, despite some searches on KDE official web sites, I was not
able to find any clear copyright notice (with years and copyright
holders) for the Logo.

Could you please send me the exact copyright notice and permission
notice for the KDE Official Oxygen Logo?

Please keep <607842@bugs.debian.org> in Cc:, so that your reply is
publicly shown on the Debian bug report.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

All the best.

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..................................................... Francesco Poli .
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