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Re: Regarding the logo legality stuff

Arthur Machlas <arthur.machlas@gmail.com>

> But DFSG doesn't give you the image to do whatever you want with, it
> only gives you the software and programs to 'do whatever you want
> with'

An image, in digital form distributed in Debian, must be licensed under
terms that meet the DFSG. There is no distinction between different
types of work for this requirement.

(It's not essential, but I find it simplest to consider that all
information in digital form is “software”, regardless of the purpose or
intended interpretation of the bits.)

> Bah.. at this point I don't even care anymore. How anyone could want
> to be a lawyer is beyond me. I have a headache after one hour of this
> nonsense.

Thanks for doing so, it covered a lot of useful ground.

You're right that it's tricky. The goals of ensuring recipients's
freedom and protecting the meaning of a trademark are partially
incompatible, and a resolution is not obvious.

> In any case, I at least understand a bit better why Debian can't use
> Debian logos in its Debian distributions distributed by Debian on CD's
> with a Debian logo. <insert Xzibit image here>

I learned from your explanation of it, so I raise a glass to you sir.

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