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Re: variation of SpaceFun

Hi Valessio, hi Michael, hi all

I have created a variation with elements from SpaceFun and my LISP machine proposal.


This is probably too late for Squeeze, but anyway I thought it would be a nice idea to give people another graphical option. The theme is complete with all files in a directory structure that is similar to their destination under /usr/share, which should at least minimize work for others.

The theme combines the beautiful "glowing" color transition of the Spacefun background (congrats Valessio!) and its mystic Debian swirl (which is absolutely fascinating, when you zoom it in Inkscape) with the shimmering artifact of the LISP machine in the sky, symbolizing our history.

At least I had a great time creating the stuff and I really hope you like it. :-)


Am 19.11.2010 03:01, schrieb Valessio Brito:
I'll be happy if someone else who knows how to use Inkscape to create
such variation or another.

2010/11/18 Michael Biebl<biebl@debian.org>:
while I appreciate the art work that was done in preparation for squeeze, I
honestly think SpaceFun does not make a good default theme in it's current
state. It certainly is nice art work, but it is too "childish" and playful for a
serious OS, that Debian tries to be.
From discussions with fellow DDs I know that I'm by far not the only one with
that concern.

Instead of beating a dead horse, and question everything that was done, I'd
instead ask you, to provide a refined version of SpaceFun.

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