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Re: variation of SpaceFun


I created this: http://valessiobrito.info/projetos/debian/squeeze/nebula/

but as I'm at the end of the semester at the University ... I am not
much time to have a whole new work.

the source (SVG) of SpaceFun are here:

I'll be happy if someone else who knows how to use Inkscape to create
such variation or another.

Only I'm sure many other people are enjoying it, I'm very positive
feedback by Identi.ca/Twitter/Mail.


2010/11/18 Michael Biebl <biebl@debian.org>:
> Hi Valessio, hi everyone!
> while I appreciate the art work that was done in preparation for squeeze, I
> honestly think SpaceFun does not make a good default theme in it's current
> state. It certainly is nice art work, but it is too "childish" and playful for a
> serious OS, that Debian tries to be.
> From discussions with fellow DDs I know that I'm by far not the only one with
> that concern.
> Instead of beating a dead horse, and question everything that was done, I'd
> instead ask you, to provide a refined version of SpaceFun.
> Keeping the globe and the swirl/rocket seems fine to me, but could you prepare a
> version where the stars are removed/replaced by something more subtle, please,
> and put it up on the wiki for review?
> That would be great,
> Michael
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