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Re: desktop-base/ciel and squeeze: plan of action

@Ulrich: Again, you don't have to use it. People just suggested that, since most of us do have
the "learned" habit that those earth tones you had initially on your wallpaper don't match
with the blue of Clearlooks. You could have just as well ignore that completely.

When I created Ciel, I subconsciously chose a blue nuance as the background without even
thinking. Why? Because I was secretly aware that most themes and decent icons I'd have on
my disposal are either of a rather mild blue, or are generally considered ugly to look at
(cf. standard gnome icons).

Also, blue invokes psychological associations with water, thus also cleanliness, which calms us.
That is why Tango uses blue a lot. Natural leaf green has an even better effect -- nature calms us
-- that is why Gnome is using a blurry macro shot of leaves as a default wallpaper.

On 6 November 2010 15:12, Ulrich Hansen <uhansen@mainz-online.de> wrote:
Am 06.11.2010 14:34, schrieb Adnan Hodzic:

1. the Clearlooks theme which prevails in most things GTK on Debian (e.g.
Gnome, LXDE, not
sure about Xfce though)
2. the KDE theme is rather dominated by blue due to the Oxygen icon theme,
as well as the

Blue is fine with me, but at least different kind of blue then the
"baby blue".

Yes I was a bit naive about that too. As I learned in the meantime, we have to use this sort of blue as a main color in the background if we want use Clearlooks without any changes. Even "Space fun" does this, if you look closely. The blue that clearlooks uses for active title bars and marked options is a greenish/greyish sort of blue, that looks like a rainy day or, to put it in a nicer analogy, like misty mountains.

But we are not alone. Fedora artists have the same problem. Take a look at their (nevertheless sometimes beautiful wallpapers).

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