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desktop-base/ciel and squeeze: plan of action

Hi folks,

My understanding of where we are and what there is to do. Please comment if you disagree.

 * We've chosen Ciel as the default theme for squeeze.
 * therefore the squeeze theme "contest" is closed, and  various pages
   should probably be updated to reflect that
 * For squeeze, ciel will be added to desktop-base (action: desktop-base
   maintainers, which now includes me)
 * For squeeze+1, themes will be individually packaged and the "chosen
   theme" for a release can be depended upon by desktop-base
   * the structure and layout of a theme package to be defined on the wiki
     to aid people

The implication of the above is that all other new themes besides Ciel will
have to wait until squeeze+1 to be included in  Debian officially, or be
accessed via backports.

desktop-base currently contains the moreblue theme.  We will be adding ciel to
desktop-base in order to make it the "default".  I propose we leave the
moreblue theme in desktop-base for squeeze as an option.  If we removed it,
moreblue would not be available in squeeze (since otherwise it would need to
be in a NEW package).  This will increase the size of desktop-base a little.

I define the "Ciel" theme to be

 * the wallpapers
 * the DM themes
 * the icon theme (tango, + custom menu icon)
 * clearlooks (since there is discomfort with changing the default gtk
   engine at this point)

I am not sure what the KDE theme depends on.  Can anyone enlighten me?

Jon Dowland

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