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Re: Artwork to Debian Squeeze


* */ <rui.damas@gmail.com> [2010-06-14 17:00:25 CEST]:
> i would like to contribute with some themes for squeeze, unfortunatly  
> I'm going away from my computer for some time...

 I guess every help is welcome. :)

> any way, I have some a closed-curves version of the svg file, a blender  
> version of it and some renderings (devianations) on the debian logo  
> available here: http://www.wuala.com/AtOS/debian/logo/?mode=list

 Thanks for your work, those are some pretty great ideas!

 Though there is something that itches me a bit and that is the
README.TXT content. "Outraged" is quite uncalled for especially when not
asking why it is like that, and all the !? and LMAO aren't helping

 Let me answer one sentence in your README.TXT file:

> "as almost if debian didn't have the needed programs to do such art!?"

 It is my understanding that this indeed was the case - at the time the
things got created. GIMP was far from useful (and pixel-art anyway),
inkscape was far from anywhere on the horizon for years, and similar
tools simply weren't available at that time. Just to get you even more
"outraged", the font for the "debian" lettering is a commercial font,

 Let's face the fact - before the millenium change the area of useful
free software graphic's tools were pretty low and their usage still in
the aera that one had to dig deep enough into it, a thing that skilled
artists usually don't do.

 Yes, it's a comment in a file, but removing it won't change the
history, it would just blur it, and removing the comment just because
someone considers it uttermost funny doesn't really convince me. One
might even consider that doing so would fall under the "hiding problems"
pragma that Debian is opposed to.

 I hope you can now better understand why it is in there and what's the
background for it - and can better accept it for what it is instead of
trying to make fun of it. Most often there are reasons for such things,
and asking directly about it can answer such questions quite fast.

> so any other people working on themes may use these files.

 Great - because like written earlier, they are pretty well looking. :)

 So long!
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 choice of the current default"
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