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Re: Initial Working in Artwork for Lenny

I know many artists, but nor all know to use wiki or similar thing;
Mainly to learn to use a competition system to participate.

If to open a competition, I believe much that the level of
professionals very goes to be low. This with competition of the
BrDesktop[2] happened and nobody was worried in sending sources SVG.
Exactly having Regulation.

We can do an attempt :) if you are the only one, the choice will be easy ;)

Here, I admire very the work that Andres Luiz made; Serious and the
times I ask myself where they are the others.

For Etch, we looked to artwork at the last minute (like today for Lenny).
Fortunately, André came with a very nice, professional and clean artwork.
You didn't find any other submission because we have done things like today:
last minute, no contest, no public announcement, hidden in our mailing list.

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