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Re: Initial Working in Artwork for Lenny

On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 9:09 AM, Valessio S Brito <valessio@colivre.coop.br> wrote:
The competitions for logos function;
But for a set of graphical parts he does not go to be easy, to have a
complete environment. Is complex.
With all the equal parts and quality.

True, but as you can see, the most important part is the wallpaper.
Everything else is a derivative.

Anyway, we can have a rule for the contest: provide a basic/complete graphical set.
The term basic or complete must be defined exactly.

Cchost (tool of debianart) does not take care of this type of competition.
We would have that to make competition in parts: GDM, KDM, Wallpaper…

I guess submitters can at least provide the wallpaper with cchost and add a link to the full set on a Debian wiki page as you have done.
What I find that must happen in this in case that is together with to
construct to the community the Visual Identity of the Lenny.

I completely agree. This is why I prefer a public announce for Lenny artwork to have more artists involved.

All Artwork in:

already subscribed.



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