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Bug#459352: please provide 640x480 TGA version of debian-blueish-wallpaper.svg for GRUB


On Sat, Jan 05, 2008 at 11:02:20PM +0100, Martin Braure de Calignon wrote:
> > I'd like it to use the default Debian theme image (which I believe at the
> > moment is debian-blueish-wallpaper.svg; let me know if that changes) when
> > desktop-base package is installed.
> Sorry, but I don't understand why you wan't a new image. 
> Why aren't you using the /boot/grub/splashimages/debian-moreblue-swirl.xpm.gz (package grub-splashimages) ?
> It's like the same no ?

Two reasons:

  #1- GRUB Legacy supports images in 14 colors.  GRUB 2 supports RGB
      (24-bit depth).  We really need an image without color degradation.

  #2- GRUB 2 uses TGA format for images.

#2 may sound like an arbitrary or useless change, but:

  - XPM support has never been part of GRUB Legacy, it's just a patch
    in our package (unlike TGA in GRUB 2).
  - The images needed to be re-done anyway, because of #1.

> > Please, could you provide an image in this format for use with GRUB ?
> > 
> > Attached patch uses imagemagick in postinst to generate it in user's system.
> Another question is why not installing it in /boot/grub/splashimages ?
> Installing you're image in /usr is quite problematic when using grub
> E.g.: I'm using lvm for my /usr partition... So grub can't get the files
> on it :-/

This decision cannot be taken lightly.  On some platforms /boot/grub may be
a separate partition (e.g. to a nvram), and it may be too small to fit such
an image in it.  Also, fonts (necessary for graphical mode) are already
being loaded from /usr (when /usr is not accessible, update-grub falls
back to text mode).

Ultimately, we need the flexibility to either setup GRUB to load that file
directly, or setup update-grub to copy it into /boot depending on the

In any case, this is really a GRUB issue and should be resolved separately.
What we need from this package is just to provide Debian's official artwork
in a form GRUB can use.

> I'm really not sure that you're patch should be against desktop-base....
> Grub could not be installed so why adding it there ?

Where else?  desktop-base provides that image.  It's logical if the image
needs to be converted it's done in either its debian/rules or its postinst
(my patch does the latter).

Also, this feature is not useful to GRUB users that aren't running a desktop
at all.  So it fits well with desktop-base's current functionality (i.e. if
desktop-base is installed, you get Debian theming in all parts of Debian).

> why not in
> grub-splashimages ?


  - grub-splashimages is a collection of images for GRUB Legacy.  It really
    makes no sense to have GRUB 2 users install that package for an image that
    is in fact provided from somewhere else.  Also, there's a big difference
    between a collection of random images that may look nice, and Debian's
    official artwork provided by desktop-base.  IOW, it's possible we have
    a "grub2-splashimages" in the future, but it won't contain Debian's
    official artwork, just images that may look nice with GRUB 2.

  - desktop-base is already the default for desktop installs.  This means that
    if desktop-base provides this image, and GRUB is adapted to detect it
    and enable it when possible, desktop users will get background image as
    default, without bothering non-desktop users with questions, or desktop
    users with extra setup.

Robert Millan

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