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Bug#459352: please provide 640x480 TGA version of debian-blueish-wallpaper.svg for GRUB

On dim, 2008-01-06 at 00:37 +0100, Robert Millan wrote:
>   #1- GRUB Legacy supports images in 14 colors.  GRUB 2 supports RGB
>       (24-bit depth).  We really need an image without color degradation.
>   #2- GRUB 2 uses TGA format for images.
> #2 may sound like an arbitrary or useless change, but:
>   - XPM support has never been part of GRUB Legacy, it's just a patch
>     in our package (unlike TGA in GRUB 2).
>   - The images needed to be re-done anyway, because of #1.

Ok it's clearer for me now :-)

> This decision cannot be taken lightly.  On some platforms /boot/grub may be
> a separate partition (e.g. to a nvram), and it may be too small to fit such
> an image in it.  Also, fonts (necessary for graphical mode) are already
> being loaded from /usr (when /usr is not accessible, update-grub falls
> back to text mode).
Ok it makes sense

> > I'm really not sure that you're patch should be against desktop-base....
> > Grub could not be installed so why adding it there ?
> Where else?  desktop-base provides that image.  It's logical if the image
> needs to be converted it's done in either its debian/rules or its postinst
> (my patch does the latter).
> Also, this feature is not useful to GRUB users that aren't running a desktop
> at all.  So it fits well with desktop-base's current functionality (i.e. if
> desktop-base is installed, you get Debian theming in all parts of Debian).

Ok. So next step is for adding this image for grub by default. Does
grub2 is now the default on debian ? I'm using grub.

> Because:
>   - grub-splashimages is a collection of images for GRUB Legacy.  It really
>     makes no sense to have GRUB 2 users install that package for an image that
>     is in fact provided from somewhere else.  Also, there's a big difference
>     between a collection of random images that may look nice, and Debian's
>     official artwork provided by desktop-base.  IOW, it's possible we have
>     a "grub2-splashimages" in the future, but it won't contain Debian's
>     official artwork, just images that may look nice with GRUB 2.
Ok for this. I did not aware of grub & grub2... I though "grub" was grub2. that's why I propose this.
Ok too for provides it in debian-desktop while update-grub correctly
copy file where it should

>   - desktop-base is already the default for desktop installs.  This means that
>     if desktop-base provides this image, and GRUB is adapted to detect it
>     and enable it when possible, desktop users will get background image as
>     default, without bothering non-desktop users with questions, or desktop
>     users with extra setup.
I fully agree with you. Sorry for the previous mail, I misunderstood.
So we probably need to fill a wishlist bug on grub to make it adapted to
this behaviour.

Thanks for your work :-)

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