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Re: Create a Debian Desktop release ?

On 8/10/07, Salokine Terata <salokine.terata@free.fr> wrote:
> Dear Debian Developpers,

Hi Salokine,

> I'm interesting to work on a Debian Desktop version of Debian. What is it ?
> It's a meta-package base on user-friendly and essential package on a TESTING
> version of Debian.

Debian Desktop is a Debian subproject actually, note that it isn't
just a "meta-package" or something like that.

> To day, the period of Debian release for the final user is too long (stable
> release), the testing version is correct for this. Can we purpose a Debian
> Desktop distribution based on testing for final user and keep the stable
> version for professional using ? so I see this schema:
> Stable release --> for Server (Debian Official Stable Release)
> Testing release --> for Standard user (Debian Desktop)
> Unstable release --> for Developpers

You might read about proposals like CUT made by Joeh Hess, the effort
to prepare security updates for testing and stuff like that.

> My main idea is to purpose an ISO Live CD oriented to final user for home
> usage.
> I don't want create a new fork of Debian like MEPIS, Ubuntu (at the
> beginning) ...etc. No, I talk about a native Debian project.
> What do think about this ?

Not a bad idea, but requires a lot of work. Are you really ready to
invest your time?  The technical challenge is far the most important
problem to solve. The people and how they will be motivated to do
their volunteer work is the most important problem.

Anyway, it won't be Debian Desktop this is something else with no name
yet that can be done inside Debian and both Debian Desktop and
everybody else using testing can benefit. Keep that in mind.

-- stratus
get debian @ http://get.debian.net/

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