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Re: Create a Debian Desktop release ?

my tought ...

what about a lenny snapshot?

stabilise +/- and target a snapshot release.

users would apreciate and make testing more popular.

this could be a propose to put to the DPL/RM's ... no?

Sex, 2007-08-10 às 09:00 +0200, Salokine Terata escreveu:
> Dear Debian Developpers,
> I'm interesting to work on a Debian Desktop version of Debian. What is it ?
> It's a meta-package base on user-friendly and essential package on a TESTING 
> version of Debian.
> To day, the period of Debian release for the final user is too long (stable 
> release), the testing version is correct for this. Can we purpose a Debian 
> Desktop distribution based on testing for final user and keep the stable 
> version for professional using ? so I see this schema:
> Stable release --> for Server (Debian Official Stable Release)
> Testing release --> for Standard user (Debian Desktop)
> Unstable release --> for Developpers
> My main idea is to purpose an ISO Live CD oriented to final user for home 
> usage.
> I don't want create a new fork of Debian like MEPIS, Ubuntu (at the 
> beginning) ...etc. No, I talk about a native Debian project.
> What do think about this ?
> Thanks and Have a nice day.
> Salokine.

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