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Re: Create a Debian Desktop release ?


Le vendredi 10 août 2007 09:31, Gustavo Franco a écrit :
> You might read about proposals like CUT made by Joeh Hess, the effort
> to prepare security updates for testing and stuff like that.
Ok, I'm reading "http://kitenet.net/~joey/code/debian/cut/"; and I think it's 
project it's near my idea. But I'd like to add "oriented to final user for 
home" approach like Debian Desktop. I'll contact him to share and to talk 
about this.

>Anyway, it won't be Debian Desktop this is something else with no name
>yet that can be done inside Debian and both Debian Desktop and
>everybody else using testing can benefit. Keep that in mind.
Sorry, I'm french and I speak english like a spainsh cow. I don't understand 
Can you explain me or give me more details?

Le vendredi 10 août 2007 16:56, Luis Matos a écrit :
> this could be a propose to put to the DPL/RM's ... no?
What does it mean DPL/RM ?

Le vendredi 10 août 2007 22:49, Tim Hull a écrit :
> Most notably, testing tends to lag with respect to security
> updates compared to stable/unstable.  Also, sometimes packages that fix
> important bugs are kept from testing due to issues such as a failure to
> build on obscure architectures.
So, if I have understood, main tasks are:
- debian-installer must work correctly when you are in testing version
- Security updates must be present in testing like in stable version
- Investigate and "test" the testing frequently

> However, IMO the best approach would be to make backports an official part
> of Debian
What's IMO ?

Sorry, I'm asking to explain, but i'm not familiar with these abbreviations.
Thanks for your answers
Good night.
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