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Re: Debian Desktop Etch+1 - the long road to binoculars.

On 6/27/07, Gustavo Franco <stratus@debian.org> wrote:
On 6/27/07, Luis Matos <gass@otiliamatos.ath.cx> wrote:
> Just some thoughts ...
> Etch artwork is very good !!! i also use it in my laptop.
> It could be some kind of configurator (glternatives, for example??) that
> could support FULL distro themes.
> For example, change from etch theme to lenny theme (?) in splashes, *DM,
> Desktop ... it would be fun (?).

Documentation is enough, GUI over the current desktop-base
infrastructure would be a plush, IMHO.

I meant plus of course, sorry.

-- stratus
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