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Re: A common Debian style for Debian Installer and the desktop

Sáb, 2007-06-16 às 17:52 -0400, jmak escreveu:
> Hi,
> In my view, it is a mistake to discuss the installer artwork
> independent of the general look and feel of the desktop. The important
> thing is to create a unified desktop, which normally incorporates all
> of the artworks. The installer and the splash artworks should function
> as a branding images, therefore they should be simple and visually
> revealing in order to burn the brand in the mind of the user with the
> least possible effort on his part. Yet, they have to fit perfectly
> into the general look and feel of the desktop.

yes ... i think this was almost, almost, almost made to etch and i see
it as a release target for lenny.

what frans added to the discussion is that debian needs a style guide
and that the installer (mostly) needs to have the debian brand.

i agree with this and i think this should be extended to the rest of the

If someone develop a style for debian, that style could be used
everywhere (d-i, desktop, http server start package ...) .

Frans marked that the *d-i* as installer of the debian distribution
should have a stronger marketing idea. So he argues the use of the
*original* debian logos.

I would suggest that in every style made, the original logo should be
used and the original Debian word (font and i dot colour). 

> Jmak

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