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Re: A common Debian style for Debian Installer and the desktop

On 12.06.2007 23:49 schrieb Frans Pop:

Before the release of Etch there were some proposals [1] to change the theme of the graphical version of Debian Installer to match the theme developed for the desktop. As D-I release manager, I rejected those proposals, basically for two reasons:
1) because it was just plain too late in the release process for such
2) because IMNSHO the proposals were just not good enough and certainly
   not an improvement over the current D-I theme

Let's hope next time there will be some kind of vote (not a GR, just a poll or something). Personally, I find the current DI theme boring and would have preferred a moreblue-like theme like the Debian Desktop is now using by default.

The installer is totally different: it is a completely separate piece of software and is also probably the only thing in Debian that is totally and uniquely "Debian". As such it needs a much stronger identity.

* The light blue of the desktop theme really is too weak for the installer, especially in combination with the grey general background. The contrast between the blue and grey is just not strong enough and this makes the whole user interface look weak. * As the installer is so uniquely Debian, it needs a much stronger tie with the official Debian logo. That means that it needs to include the *red* swirl and the *red* "dot" on the i in "Debian" (and in the correct font).

I Disagree. Because the shape of the swirl is usually enough to make the connection to the "real" logo and the organization behind it, we should be pretty much free for all color variations. The Etch desktop theme is a perfect example how things could look like (fresh, modern) if we don't limit to use the same boring logo-color-combo again and again.

Event the MS Windows logo changed over the years, but you still make the connection if you see one of them. So we really shouldn't limit us to the original *red* swirl and the *red* "dot" on the i in "Debian". It looks boring (like our homepage and our wiki BTW).



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