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Re: desktop-base and KDE

Luis Matos wrote:
> My advice ( i am just a user ) is to fill a bug against desktop-base and
> rest.

Thanks, just done as #422043. Hopefully it gets more attention there.

> Kde does not support well the alternatives system and several users
> complained that desktop-base would overcome the control-center.
> see bug 407799 [0] and 415064 [1] for an issue reported on desktop-base
> 4.0.1 that seems to point to desktop-base to override the kdm theme.

I see that there are difficulties with overriding kdm and the control of
the kde controlcenter, however, this doesn't affect the wallpaper I
guess. Additionally, I failed to find out how to 're-enable' the kdm
overwriting (which was implicited by #407799).

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