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Re: Debian GNU/Linux (kfreebsd anyone?) Lenny Desktop wishlist thread

Qui, 2007-04-12 às 21:17 -0300, Gustavo Franco escreveu:
> Hi list,
> First thanks everybody who contributed to Debian Etch Desktop. There's
> no doubt that we've raised the bar with this release and of course the
> expectations for Lenny.
hell yes!

> Lenny general release goals and schedule is (in a way) being discussed
> at debian-release. Keep an eye on that. I'm opening this thread to
> point out my wishlist in terms of desktop wearing my debian-desktop;
> pkg-gnome and tasksel hats. Feedback is needed. ;-)
> * Debian Desktop is the sum of important parts: d-i, debian-cd,
> tasksel, pkg-gnome, pkg-kde and pkg-xfce were directly or indirectly
> involved during the Etch development cycle. I would like to see
> pkg-ltsp, XSF and debian live also join us, you will see the reasons
> below;
> * Xorg "autoconfiguration": Hopefully it will be into the next
> upstream release and since Lenny will be released in something like 18
> months, we won't need to work hard to push it into.
> * Automount known partitions: People dual booting complained to me
> that after installing Debian on their desktops/laptops their previous
> systems weren't mounted.
> * preseeding for the win on key stuff: We need to work on grub
> preseeding definitely to at least push the desktop to use stuff like
> splashy/usplash and maybe an init replacement like upstart. Keep in
> mind that with preseeding support into grub we can do it in a way that
> 'regular' installs won't be affected, but only fresh Lenny desktop
> installs.

i think splshy will be ready for lenny and is  great improveent to have
it. It is something that is really missed by the users.

> * cliparts: OpenClipart should be added into the desktop tasks
> * debian-moreblue update contest: I would like to setup a contest to a
> debian-moreblue update. We don't need something 200% new, but just
> people that wants to tweak the theme for Lenny. (btw, thanks Andre for
> the work to Etch)

we definetly need better desktop graphics environment. Also continue
the d-i, gnome, kde, xfce, splash graphics integration.
(thanks also to andre for the more blue theme) 
> * live! There are live desktop images, but they're not official and
> don't really match the desktop tasks.

agreed. Live cd's (from debian-live) seem to be easy to create, so we
could have a set of the to show what we want. For instance, this was
talked in -devel about show development tools  for linux/debian.

> * ltsp: We need to work to make sure that the installer will contain a
> polished ltsp-client-builder udeb and the user will be able to select
> "desktop environment" and "thin(fat, whatever) client server" and end
> with a system able to provide our desktop environment for these
> clients. This is harder than you think due to dhcp and nfs servers
> lack of preseeding support. Shame on me, since I'm one of the pkg-ltsp
> founders. I'll do my best to prepare patches and send them atached to
> the bug reports.

Here i have a bigger word to say. 
Debian targeted users are mainly companies, or even small business, so,
i think we could provide a set of tasks that coul easilly set up an
enterprise environment with desktops and a main server.

In many comanies that use linux, set up a small shared user database and
set up shared folders and info is quite hard.

We at debian-desktop should provide a task that is oriented for
enterprise desktop. I don't really say that it should be too diferent
from the main desktop task, but have libpam-ldap and other productivity

Also a ldap server task should be added to perform the server side.

I really think debian has a few cards to show in enterprises, so let's
get it better.

> * menu system: The Debian menu system needs to be reviewed for both
> GNOME, KDE, Xfce usage and what to do to not break others WMs.
> * website and wiki: I need help with wiki articles general cleanup and
> website maintenance. The website needs to contain more general
> information on how to download and use Debian Desktop, Etch
> screenshots (GNOME, KDE and Xfce in action). The wiki should be our
> dashboard and contains our todo, wishlists and some more stuff that
> can be english-only.

agreed. This weekend i'll submit some.
> Well, that's it. The rest is basically make sure we're in sync with
> the last upstream release where it's possible and with less RC bugs
> around testing.
> regards,
> -- stratus
> http://stratusandtheswirl.blogspot.com

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