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Bug#407799: kdm theme override proposition

Loïc Minier wrote:
>         Hi,
> On Fri, Feb 02, 2007, Fathi Boudra wrote:
>> patch proposal to properly close #407799 joined. Instead disable KDM theme 
>> override by default, we add debconf support. It asks user if he wants to 
>> enable kdm theme override and generate 10_desktop-base according to the 
>> answer.
>  I think adding debconf support is intrusive and doesn't address the
>  root problem: when the override is in place, people can't use the KDE
>  configuration system to set a different wallpaper.
>  The old priorities were:
>  (highest) 1) user selected theme
>  (lowest)  2) default theme
>  The current priorities are:
>  (highest) 1) desktop-base imposed theme
>            2) user selected theme
>            3) default theme
>  The priorities you propose are:
>  (highest) 1) debconf's selected desktop-base theme (when enabled)
>            2) user selected theme
>            3) default theme
>  But IMO it should be:
>  (highest) 1) user selected theme
>            2) desktop-base default theme (when present)
>            3) default theme
>    Bye,

I think that Loic has a very good point here. Local users should have
the highest priority so that you don't clobber their preference. The
desktop-base package needs the next highest priority so that it can
apply configuration elements as appropriate. The default for the desktop
environ should be lower priority so that it still works but doesn't
override the desktop-base or local user configurations.

Curious thoughts for lenny; what if desktop-base provided theming
infrastructure that worked for the target desktops? Additionally what if
this theme actually appeared as a selectable theme in each of the
respective desktops? Would this approach work for people or would it be
too cumbersome?



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