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Bug#407799: kdm theme override proposition


On Fri, Feb 02, 2007, Fathi Boudra wrote:
> patch proposal to properly close #407799 joined. Instead disable KDM theme 
> override by default, we add debconf support. It asks user if he wants to 
> enable kdm theme override and generate 10_desktop-base according to the 
> answer.

 I think adding debconf support is intrusive and doesn't address the
 root problem: when the override is in place, people can't use the KDE
 configuration system to set a different wallpaper.

 The old priorities were:
 (highest) 1) user selected theme
 (lowest)  2) default theme

 The current priorities are:
 (highest) 1) desktop-base imposed theme
           2) user selected theme
           3) default theme

 The priorities you propose are:
 (highest) 1) debconf's selected desktop-base theme (when enabled)
           2) user selected theme
           3) default theme

 But IMO it should be:
 (highest) 1) user selected theme
           2) desktop-base default theme (when present)
           3) default theme

Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org>

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