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Re: desktop-base 4.0.0 MIGRATED to testing

Package: desktop-base
Version: 4.0.0
Severity: important


I think this is a regression (at least for the GNOME desktop) which got
noticed by several people now that should get addressed before etch:

On Sat, Jan 20, 2007 at 12:05:18AM -0500, Matthew McGuire wrote:
> I thought we reported this a couple months back, and that it was to be
> resolved... but now that Desktop Base has migrated I decided to see if
> it was still a problem.
> A screen shot from before upgrade:
> http://www.shadowglade.net/images/BeforeScreenshot.png
> A screen shot from after upgrade:
> http://www.shadowglade.net/images/AfterScreenshot.png
> No offense to the artist involved but that looks horrid. The previous
> was professional, subdued, and yet effectively branded as Debian.
> The current solid white swirl is garish and visually distracting. From
> an ergonomic and graphic design point of view this is embarrassing.
> Visual elements on the desktop should not distract or interrupt the
> viewing experience of the user. This jumps from screen and beats the
> swirl into my forehead leaving a noticeably sore but visible tattoo...
> well not really but jebus! You might as well poke my eyes out with it
> already! :-)
> Was this intended? I don't recall this image on the candidate list at
> all, and yet it is here.
This seems to have changed in commit #58 of debian-desktop:

6 weeks ago  	
"reduce size of debian-blueish-wallpaper.svg"

It indeed reduced the size of the .svg greatly by a factor of 10, but it
also changed the appearence, which I think should get addressed.


Are there issues besides the size with the old svg which needs to
get addressed?  

If not, can either you or André maybe provide a smaller svg?  

If yes, and no quick fix via svg is possible, can we maybe revert to a
png of the above good svg?



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