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Bug#407799: KDM and desktop-base

Just wanting to follow up on a comment from Bastian Venthur in #406438:

Bastian Venthur wrote:
> As the maintainer of kde-kdm-themes I don't think that desktop-base
> brakes my package. I'm happy that it finally enables the new KDM theme
> by default for the masses.

The problem is that it doesn't just enable the new KDM theme "by default", 
it forcefully enables it for everyone, ignoring all the KDE Control Center 
settings, without giving a hint on how to disable it.

If this behavior is indeed intended or there isn't any other way to get
"The Holy New KDM Theme" deployed "for the masses", and the solution for 
those who don't want it is to remove desktop-base, then the package is 
clearly misnamed!  Perhaps "desktop-base-for-dummies" or "default-debian- 
desktop-base" (along with a clarified package description) would be better 

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